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Creator of Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail 

(Milynda Rogers) specialises in Metal Sculpture and Wire Sculpture order yours here.


Coming Event 19th January 2019

Scrapmetal Horse on wood

We invite you to come along and buy something at the Auction for Epilepsy that is being held at the Jenny Schmidt memorial Barrel Race being held in Aramac at the Rodeo Grounds. Among some beautiful items that have been donated is a Sculptured horse head on backing timber titled Mustang Wild and Free, this sculpture is valued at 800 dollars.

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Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail video

Check out this great video Created by Photographic Journalist Don Fuchs

Johnathon Thurston

Check out this great video about the creation of the Jonathon Thurston sculpture

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The Art

Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail

Crayfish Sculpture

The Lake Dunn Sculpture Trail started small, simply as a couple of sculptures that were created for the children who regularly travel on the route for school and has since grown into the largest free to the public sculpture loop in the world with 34 sculptures along the 205 kilometre loop of road. It attracts thousands of visitors to the Barcaldine region every year. I hope that it continues to bring fun and laughter to the people who visit and the locals.


Sculpture of a Cowboy

Scrapmetalsheila is my logo. Scrapmetal because that is what I mainly work with and Sheila because I have always connected this name with the typical Aussie woman. Steel is tough and hard to bend but it is also able to melt and be shaped into virtually anything, it is very versatile and easy to weld it into a sculpture, it ages slowly in dry climates. Aussie Sheilas are very similar in properties to steel.


Barbed wire balls

I love to share my knowledge of how to build sculptures with anyone who is interested. I offer workshops in your town with a maximum of ten people at one time. These workshops cater from raw beginners to experts who just want to learn a new technique. Most people who attend my workshops have time to create one or two projects to take home.

FAQ + Testimonials


"This was an amazing day out with the kids!! We loved looking for each of the fabulous sculptures, as well as enjoying the scenery and landmarks. Highly recommend to visitors to the area as well as locals."

"Fabulous sculptures!!! Thoroughly enjoyed our drive round the trail and into Lake Dunn!!! Highly recommend!!!"

"Amazing sculptures Very talented Lady !! Made the trip to Lake Dunn a memorable one."

"It was a great morning out and the sculptures were terrific. And we found Wally! Definitely worthy of a drive when in the area."

Your FAQs

  1. How long have you been creating sculptures?  I have been creating wire and steel sculptures for about 8 years, I did sculpture in art at school with clay and loved it. 
  2. What made you start? I always participated in art but it was the giant ball that is situated in Blackall and the scrap-metal kangaroos in the centre of Brisbane that inspired me to have a go.
  3. Do you teach others how to do this? Yes I present workshops, you can find out more about them on the workshop page of this website.
  4. Do you sell your art online? I sometimes sell my art online when I have surplus sculptures, however this is not often.
  5. How long does it take to build a sculpture? It takes anywhere from a few hours to three months or more depending on the size of the sculpture.
  6. Do your hands get cut by the barbed wire? Yes, sometimes they do, I always wear gloves but barbed wire is very sharp and I usually do get a few scratches.
  7. How much barbed wire do you use in a sculpture? It is a lot, a barbed wire ball that has a diameter of approx 600mm will use about 150 metres of barbed wire of more. The dinosaur that I made had three kilometres of barbed wire in it.
  8. How much do your sculptures cost, can an ordinary person afford a small sculpture?  My sculptures range in price depending on the detail and work that goes into 

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