Commission your unique sculpture by Milynda Rogers (Scrapmetalsheila)

People are always interested to know how much I charge for commissioned sculptures so I have outlined an approximate pricing method below. All sculptures are different and some take no time to finish while others are much more difficult to bring to the finished artwork. Prices always vary greatly in  due to the different preparation and creation times. 98 % of materials that I use are collected from metal-yards, dumps and old fence lines, this takes up an extensive amount of time. The best approach I have found is to work to the budget of the client, if you know how much you would like to spend then I can maximise your sculpture to that budget.

Private Commisson / Price List

Phone: 0474470058 or use the Contact for more information form at the bottom of this page

Shipping Price

Get a Video made

You can have the creation of your sculpture videoed for your use on youtube, instagram or your webpage, such as this one that was commissioned by Redridge Interior Queensland. This is one part of the whole series.

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